Foodbank is playing a crucial role in the current unprecedented bushfire crisis which is devastating communities across the country. As a trusted organization, forming part of the official emergency response, Foodbank is acting as a conduit for the generosity of the food and grocery sector, and the general public who are keen to assist with essential supplies. Foodbank is delivering exactly what is needed, to efficiently and effectively support the relief efforts. $1 provides $6 worth of supplies
Save The Children
A Child-Friendly Space set up for children impacted by the bushfires in Australia. Hundreds of thousands of children in Australia have been affected by bushfires, which have been burning since November. Experiencing a disaster of this nature can have a harrowing long-term impact on a person’s emotional wellbeing, especially children if they are not provided with the right support. Save the Children is currently running three Child-Friendly Spaces in evacuation centers in Bairnsdale, Wagga Wagga, and Albury, providing children with a safe place to socialize, play and simply be children again. In the short-term, we are providing children with support through Child-Friendly Spaces and psychological first aid.
In the longer-term, we will be focusing on supporting children’s emotional recovery. This is likely to include running a range of activities for children to help them process and express their emotions, deal with the issues they are facing and develop coping mechanisms for the future.
Greening Australia
Greening Australia has been restoring and conserving Australia’s unique landscapes at scale with practical action for over 37 years and is focused on tacking Australia’s greatest environmental challenges including saving the Great Barrier Reef, tackling climate change, reversing the decline of our threatened species, supporting Traditional Owners aspirations for restoring country, creating sustainable cities for people and wildlife, and supporting regenerative agriculture and forestry systems.
Sam Wood