If you’re of the view that less is more, then you’re no doubt all over the ‘clear clothing’ trend. Sure, you know; see-through bags, clear vinyl dresses, and transparent thigh-high boots Kardashian style.


More than just a statement for the fashion forward, clear plastic clothing and accessories bring a surprising functional benefit too.


Not convinced? Read on, we’ll have you reaching for your PVC hot pants quicker than you can say ‘sweat it out’!


Versatile fashion

For the many pondering moments when you’re not quite sure what to wear. A clear dress offers a versatile option that you can customise around your mood.  Throw on a bikini underneath and style it out to a festival, or wear over your favourite playsuit for a touch of sass.


The same goes for clear trousers, tops and coats. Just check out Ariane Grande looking oh so chic in her transparent raincoat recently. Just makes you want to get one.


The beauty of this trend is that it offers many looks with minimal effort.


Flattering to your figure

Every girl needs a pair of clear sandals in her wardrobe.


These day-to-night staples look sophisticated with a well-tailored pair of white trousers, or sexy with a low-cut dress.


Best of all, plastic strap sandals give the impression of long slender legs, by elongating your frame. What’s not to love?!


Practical modern living

With busy schedules and life on-the-go, practical fashion has eked into our conscious in recent years. Which is why transparent bags have become the go-to for many savvy travellers.


Whether it’s a day at the beach, or trip out of town, a see-through bag makes your items instantly accessible. The Michael Kors red-trimmed backpack for instance, is a bestseller, fusing fashion with practicality. This hardware bag is the perfect choice for transferring through airports, or getting around the city in style.


For casual wear, opt for a vinyl tote. A smart choice for trips to the beach, or slinging in the back of your car for weekends away. You never have to worry again if your sunscreen leaks or damp towels are scrunched up.


Let’s talk wipe clean

Fashion-forward mammas take note; wearing plastic clothes will change your life! Ok, when we say life, we mean it will cut back on the amount of washing you have to do. And surely that’s a bonus?


Because of course, plastic clothing is also wipe-clean. No more worries about spills and stains. And breathe…


Sustainable options

We’re all mindful about plastic use at the moment, so it’s worth considering clear plastic clothing that can be used time and again, and not for single use.


Plastic is a durable material that is a great investment piece for long-term use. With care, your see-through bag or shoes can outlast many other garments in your wardrobe.


But clear clothing doesn’t always have to be ‘virgin plastic’. Look out for recycled and reclaimed materials, from reused plastic bottles to parachute nylon. These sustainable options have been recently spotted on numerous catwalks.


A final thought

For maximum effect, invest in one standout clear item and accessorise around it. Clear-on-clear is quite a bold look, and can overwhelm the senses. Instead, opt for one signature piece.


Clear clothing is a practical and accessible trend, that brings a modern and sassy look to any wardrobe. Whether you decide to invest in a clear plastic dress, vinyl tote, or transparent raincoat, you’re sure to look the part.


Amelia Williams