Ok, so Kim Kardashian has been doing it for years, but suddenly the rest of the world has woken up to underwear as outerwear.

It may seem a risqué move to don your lace all-in-one underwear, or bra as outwear, but paired with the right outfit it can be quite the look.

The key is to tone it down with everyday staples. Think boyfriend jeans, dungarees, or a casual jacket. This will help to balance out the outfit and give it less of a racy look, while retaining its edge.

As one of the fashion trends 2020 will be remembered for, here’s a few ways you can get on board.

Be bra confident

For a bold lingerie look, wear a bra under a sheer or see-through shirt, and pair with your favourite fitted skirt or jeans. There’s multiple ways it can be worn:

Of course, not just any bra will do. Ditch those greying frayed everyday bras and invest in sexy brassiere with good support and hint of cheekiness. Even a basic Calvin Klein in black makes an ideal bra to wear under lace tops.

It’s all about the overlay

A popular way to wear lingerie is under a lace, sheer, or mesh top used as an overlay. This will instantly transform your bra into daywear, and give you the confidence to style it out. If you’re wearing your bra as outerwear, opt for a black overlay for a sophisticated chic look.

The exception to this rule, is when you’re wearing a bra under a casual jacket or suit. As donned by Dua Lipa, this can instantly jazz up an otherwise ordinary look.

Pair with your Favourite Jeans

The Queen of fashion trends, Khloe Kardashian is a big fan of the under-outer look. One of her trademark styles is to pair a bra under a sheer top, styled with fitted jeans. She takes it to the next level with this outfit, featuring fishnet tights under ripped jeans, channelling her inner-Cher!

You can elevate this look with ankle-grazing fitted jeans, or tight white denim jeans – great for attending daytime soirees.

How to wear a bustier as outerwear?

Women have been wearing bustiers, or corsets, since 2000 BC. Today’s versions tend to be made from mesh panels, rather than structured boning, making them ever-versatile for daywear.
This is a sexy look that suits all silhouettes, you just need a hearty dose of confidence and a touch of sass! Rihanna has been pioneering this look, with her Savage Fenty range, proving that bustiers can look great on their own.
They can also be dressed down with a crop top underneath, or dressed up with a loose jacket draped over.

Accessorise around your outfit

One thing to remember when you’re wearing a bustier or a bra as outwear, is to accessorise well. Black glasses will give you a classy look, reminiscent of movie stars. While pointed cat-eye sunglasses add a touch of St-Tropez chic.

With your décolletage on show, you’ll want to consider your neck wear with extra attention. If your bra and shirt are plain then you can afford to go bold with something chunky. While if you’re wearing a busy, distracting, or lace overlay, you’ll want to opt for something simple, like a choker or chain.

So there you have it, bras as outwear is a thing, and what’s more – it’s time to join the revolution!

Mark Indiongco