Having a hard time letting go of that shirt that looks good on you in every occasion? Are there clothes in your closet that you find yourself wearing over and over again?

Fashion trends often come and go but there are certain items that can make you feel good and just essentially looks great on you even as time goes by.

But what are these wardrobe essentials that makes women feel comfortable and amazing at the same time?


Women Essential #1: White T-Shirt


Simplicity at its finest! Believe me, there is nothing that could go wrong with a white T-shirt that can be paired to just about anything. Paired it with black jeans or a denim short that can ease up any Monday morning blues will still be perfect on you. A true classic that even famous fashionable people and celebrities such as Madonna, Audrey Hepburn, and Julia Roberts wear it on one of their daily events.


Women Essential #2: Jeans

Only Women Jeans 

Known as the ultimate must-have of every gender, jeans can literally suit any season, occasion, and every shape and size. May it be skinny, slim or straight cut jeans, this essential never goes out of style whether you use it or just have it stored in your closet.


Women Essential #3: Dress


Dolce & Gabbana Black Pink Tulip Print Stretch Shift Dress

Wearing dresses are always flattering and can easily go along with any season. Paired it with a nice flats during summer and pump it up with heels during your most awaited evening event. In today’s fashion trend, a dress can be one of the most versatile fashion essential as some can wear it in layers and even partner it with a great coat or blazers.


Women Essential #4: Heels

Made in Italia - EMOZIONI_NAPPA

A pair of heels will truly become your best friend. This wardrobe essential will save your evening occasion that will make you glamorous even when you are just wearing a plain dress with it. Not too high but high enough to give you that extra confidence and the classic look.


Women Essential #5: Coat

Guess Jeans Women Coat

Let’s be honest, a good coat is one of the best fashion investment any woman could make. It will save you from the winter season and make you look chic at the same time. Despite the year to year change in the fashion industry layering your latest outfit with a classic coat will never be out of style.


Women Essential #6: A Leather Handbag

Coach - 31916

The perfect companion to all of your events and can even fit to almost what you have in your wardrobe. A good quality leather handbag can simply make a fashion statement that can give a little boost to your self-confidence. This beauty can be stored in your closet with a proper care and still use it even with the latest fashion trend. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, styles that will make you look more polished and chic.



Mia Locsin