When it comes to fashion who would not want something that is luxurious? Would you say no to Prada, Gucci, and Versace? Yes, if you cannot afford it! Designer outfit and items don’t come cheap especially the items such as the coats, bags, and shoes.
But what if you can actually have that Dolce & Gabbana Top that you have been dreaming of without robbing a bank? What if you can have a designer outfit hanging in your closet without paying the high price tags?
Knowing more about the brands and where they market can help you out in scoring the best deals that will fill your closet with your dream brands at a cheaper price. Here are some tips that you can definitely bookmark on how to buy luxury outfits at discounted rates.
  • Watch out for Flash Sales
There are fashion websites that offer limited designer clothes during their flash deals at very affordable prices. You just have to be mindful that flash sales are only for a limited time, by subscribing to different online stores, you will be notified thru email that there will be flash sales on specific dates. So be sure not to miss any of these perks!
  • Off-Season Shopping
Shopping a coat during summer as well as getting yourself a swimsuit during winter seems to be awkward however, this can be an opportunity for you to buy that lovely coat you’ve been wanting for years. Retailers are often changing their stocks and one of the things that they do is offer discounts or lower prices to some of the items that may be a year or older when it comes to fashion styles, retailers would want to save that space for the latest styles that is why they offer their items at a lower cost. By following the off-season shopping tips, you will definitely get steep discounts until the time you can use it in the right season.
  • Buy second-hand Items
Yes, you have read it right! You can definitely buy second-hand designer outfits and possibly get it at half the price. Look for consignment shops, they often have second-hand items such as bags, shoes, and clothes. As a buyer, you need to make sure that even though you are buying a second-hand item, it should still be in good quality, so better do that quality checking before purchasing a second-hand item so that you could enjoy it equally as if you have bought it new.
  • Swap your clothes with friends
There are instances wherein your friends never use some designer clothes in their closet. In any case you have found this out, don’t be shy and ask your friend if she would like to swap clothes with you especially if both of you haven’t used the clothes yet. This will save both of you from buying additional clothes. The best way for you to have this deal is to have ground rules such as clothes should be in good condition and make sure that it is the right brand that you are looking for.
Mia Locsin